Monday, February 25, 2013

Evany "Memoir" Pace/Short Story #1

February 23, 2013

My Life! In Print/Electronic Form! What could be more exciting? I have decided, whilst unemployed, to write one short story a day. And, not just any short story, a memoir. It’s only day two and I am already behind, so this introduction to Evany’s Memoir Making Extravaganza will serve as short story number one.

I have a dream of becoming a famous writer—my medium of choice being screenplays. However, I must practice and improve my writing craft if I am serious about winning an Oscar someday. I have had many wonderful and not so wonderful experiences. Plus, with my eclectic take on life, I feel like I can make those experiences sound interesting. I actively avoid people’s picture/video/information logs of recent trips to far off places, so I sympathize with would be readers. You want me to get to the good stuff and get to good stuff quickly. Never fear, I will try to make this as painless as possible. And remember, I am in no way forcing you to read my stories. If I happen to unfriend you on Facebook, it probably was some accidental mistype. My keyboard is getting pretty sticky these days. In order to type the letter “o” I need to press the key very lightly. But, to type “b” I have to press down very hard. Hopefully some of this writing will be monetarily beneficial and I can purchase new fangled technology that will actually allow me to get Internet in my bedroom (I really know it’s all Comcast’s fault).

Please join me on a journey of writing, and writing better. Fair warning: I do enjoy a good exclamation point. I will post all the stories on this here blog. I would love feedback, but I am a “delicate creature of the flowered South,” so please be gentle.

Look, I’m all caught up.


Marielle Carlisle said...

Love it. Love the line about exclamation points. You should come visit! Come with mom, or come the week after during spring break. We'll live the high life.

supersonicjan said...